leovegasVideo poker is one of the most popular and widespread casino gambling games. It is in demand in offline establishments and online portals.

Video poker looks like a slot machine, on the screen of which the cards are dealt. In fact, this is an automated variation of table poker.

The main advantage of video poker

The process of playing video poker in Leovegas casino is quite monotonous. Features of the strategy do not leave room for fantasy. Optimal solutions in all theoretically possible situations have long been calculated by mathematicians. Graphics and animation are almost never very spectacular.

The basic rules of video poker

The goal of video poker is to collect one of the combinations provided by the rules video poker Leovegas. If necessary, you can change any number of cards once.

Payouts are guaranteed. You do not need to beat the dealer, because there is no dealer here, or depend on other circumstances.

In some video pokers, you can play multiple hands at the same time. You get cards on the starting line, leave the cards you want, and they are duplicated across all positions. Next, for each hand, new cards are dealt from separate decks. Payments are made for all combinations.

Usually, the money received can be withdrawn to the balance or put on the line in the doubling game. In the second case, you need to choose one of the closed cards. If it is stronger than the dealer’s dealer card, the payment is doubled. If weaker, the player loses money. A draw is also possible.

All video poker has its own features, expressed in such aspects:

  • Different lists of combinations
  • Special payout ratios
  • The presence or absence of jokers
  • Bonus accruals and so on
  • Video poker bonuses

Prize features come in types of video poker games. The most commonly used options are:

  • Jokers and special features of some cards
  • Excessive payouts on large combinations at the maximum bet
  • Special odds for certain poker combinations
  • Thematic draws
  • We recommend studying the prizes directly in the reviews of the models
  • Video poker with jackpots

In Leovegas video poker games you can compete for cumulative jackpots. Most often they are played on maximum combinations, provided you have made the largest bet. There are also prize round models with unique rules.

Video poker strategies

To Leovegas play video poker extremely effectively, you don’t need to fantasize or act on intuition. The overall tactic boils down to choosing the most profitable variety and selecting the best strategy designed specifically for this type.

It is recommended to start with a test mode, taking place in the free format. Leovegas provides demo versions “for fun”. Develop your video poker strategy skills so that you don’t make any accidental mistakes.

In general, if you master the basic knowledge, all the recommended actions seem logical and understandable.

leovegas video pokerHow to choose video poker?

This is a game in which the spectacle, the convenience of the interface, the presence of adjustments and other aspects are of secondary importance. The main thing here is the odds of winning. The higher the theoretical return and the less the mathematical superiority of the establishment, the better.

Accordingly, you need to choose the most profitable video poker. Such will be the model with the maximum RTP. Try to find a machine with an indicator exceeding 100%.

Then you need to choose the optimal strategy. Memorizing it by heart is not necessary if you will be playing video poker in an online casino. You can always use a cheat sheet, although it’s not the most reliable approach.


The main advantage of video poker is that it allows you to minimize the casino’s mathematical advantage and even win over the establishment. Yes, it does require some effort.

Video poker is a unique casino game that combines features of video poker machines Leovegas and table poker. The customer has no opponent as such, and payouts are accrued for poker combinations collected on the machine’s screen. But the main advantage of the game is the ability to act on a level playing field with the casino, which is not the case with video slots or roulette. Play video poker if you want to win often at the casino.