classic slotsThe first slot machines were invented several decades ago. The gameplay was quite simple, and the playing field had three reels and winning lines of one to three. The symbols were usually represented by various fruits, bells, clovers, and jokers.

Today, when someone says “classic slot”, most often they mean games that resemble those very machines.

Many gambling developers make retro-style games. Some of them have modern features, and some of them resemble classic slots as much as possible, and the only difference is the updated graphics. Classic slots free games LeoVegas can be found on the website.

Online slots are the most important part of any online casino because they account for the main interest of players. Not surprisingly, this area is developing, and sometimes it is even difficult to understand all the variety of online slots. In this article, we will consider what kinds of slot machines and how they differ. So, what are the parameters that distinguish these or other slots?

Type of game

Free classic slots LeoVegas are available in all variations. Among the game types, you can distinguish 4:

  • classic slots;
  • mega spins;
  • progressive slots;
  • video slots.

Classic slots

Classic slot machines are an homage to slot machines in their early days. Since many players get nostalgic for slots, where you just jerk the lever and wait for the coveted combinations, modern online slot machine makers continue to produce such games online. Of course, based on gameplay, the number of spins, pay lines, and other parameters can vary, but the overall theme, the fruit symbols, and the retro casino atmosphere remain. Most classic slots have 3 spins, fewer pay-lines than video slots, and a simpler bonus round. Online classic slots LeoVegas with a chic interface will surprise you.

Fruit machines

As a separate type of classic slots can be allocated, fruit machine. The term itself refers to the British ‘Fruit Machine’, which is a 3-reel machine with fruit symbols and very simple rules: you just have to collect winning combinations on one of the pay lines. This type of game is particularly suitable for beginner players. Today’s released fruit machines may differ from the classics, such as Betsoft’s Fruit Zen slot. Best classic slots LeoVegas will amaze you with their functionality.

Video slots

Video slots are currently the most popular kind of game at online casinos: everyone can find a slot with a theme that is close to him. Typically, this type of slot has 5 reels and up to several hundred pay lines, and the graphics and sound effects make the game much more qualitative. In addition, often, the heroes of video slots are famous characters from movies, cartoons, and even members of music bands. Classic slots free download LeoVegas can be found on the official website.

Mega spin slots

It’s a different quality of play – you can play three or four or nine games at the same time. Once the player has chosen the right game and bet size, press the button, and the fun begins. Each game starts spinning up to 45 reels at a time, so the chance of hitting the mega jackpot increases. Usually, 3-reel slots are used for mega-spin games, but there are exceptions. Classic slots bonus codes LeoVegas entitle you to a decent amount of wagering.

Progressive slots

Progressive machines are a network of machines with a combined jackpot. Each time someone plays the progressive jackpot, the total jackpot grows until one lucky player hits the jackpot. Thus, the jackpot amount depends on the number of players in the game.

Speaking of jackpots, it is worth noting that there are subspecies of the progressive jackpot and the fixed jackpot.

classic slots


The standalone jackpot. It is a progressive jackpot that applies to only one slot.

Own Jackpot. Another subspecies of progressive jackpots that are pooled by a single casino.

Network jackpot. The prize pool of such a jackpot is accumulated by the slots of several casinos, which use the games of the same provider.

Fixed jackpot. In this type of jackpot, there is a certain set by the casino amount that does not change.

In addition to the types of games and availability of jackpots, slots can be classified according to the number of reels, pay lines, pay lines, themes, video quality, etc. However, the most important thing is that your players like them. Invites you to play classic slots LeoVegas. Start winning right now.